Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier Ski Machine Review

About 20 years ago, skiers by Nordic Track began banging off up in house all over the country. With the help of a strong television marketing campaign, a new craze for fitness was born. The reason was quite obvious, the skier pervade the smooth feel of skiing, providing the calorie burning benefits of a total body workout. The secret behind the popularity of skiers was in their design. The Gliding timber skis provided the perfect amount of opposing force, the flywheel cables gave the natural feeling of actual skiing and the correctness of adjustments allowed customization which the user can make. Although working out on an elliptical trainer is a very advance way to improve your fitness and body health, even after that it provides great difficulty for people who are old and have problems with their joints. For this, the best alternative is a Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier. With gliding movement, this machine reduces any threat or pain in joints and works best especially for fat people who face trouble while sitting on elliptical machines. The best factor of ski machines is that you are free from straightening your legs in order to exercise with high intensity.

In fitness world, the Classic Pro Skier is considered a very traditional and old school equipment but is still used by many users due to its functionality. The exercise done on this ski is very smooth and comfortable preventing any type of discomfort or injury. You can easily adjust the resistance of this ski to your desired intensity of workout experience. The small LED monitor displays distance, time, calories burned and pulse rate.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier is very compatible and easy to carry around. The Skier have a folding ability which can be easily done by any person. The equipment simply be folded and kept aside when not in use. With this factor, this skier saves a lot of your home space by just folding it and placing under your bed. You can even use this skier on your backyard or any other place at which you wish to have a good workout experience. The construction of this skier is very sturdy while the frame embedded on it is made of hard steel with oak wood. The steel is used for frame while the base is constructed with oak wood which is of premium quality. With such constructing materials the machine is designed to give no jerk and clang while having a tremendous workout experience.

The resistance of this skier is adjusted manually, unlike elliptical machines which requires pressing of buttons for incrementing. The customization of arm resistance, stride resistance and inclination let you have variance on your exercises to achieve your body goals. The upper and lower body workout are easily covered due to this factor which are considered one of the best aspects to attain your overall health. With the help of lock pins which are placed at the legs of the skier, you can make your workout experience challenging by inclining the skier to your desired height. The LED feedback window lets you have a proper track on your pulse rate, calories burned, distance covered and time. The window is not that much big as compared to elliptical trainers display but shows the rightful and simple amount of information which is required during cardiovascular activity. The feedback window is very important on skiers because it gives a lot of motivation and determination of changing yourself of what you are today. So it’s essential that you keep a proper track on your workout experience daily.

The NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier also consist of pulse sensor which helps you to keep track on heart rate reading while running. Due to the fact, the flow of blood is increased when you are running or working out consistently, so in order to prevent any negative impact the heart rate reading is used that makes sure you do not run exceeding your natural limit. This Skier is designed to give low impact cardio workout which is best for people who can’t use elliptical machines due to joint pain and fat structure. A flywheel is patented that created fluid and provides a natural motion and benefits of Nordic skiing. With such durable construction and high quality equipment, NordicTrack backs its equipment with one year limited warranty that covers all faulty and defected parts if there are in the equipment. You can see how NordicTrack is standing alongside its product along with great and responsive customer service.

Specification and Features

  • Patented wheel offers a smooth and natural motion.
  • Consist of seven adjustable resistance levels.
  • The resistance is very independent and can be controlled for upper and lower body workouts.
  • The LED feedback window keeps a proper track on pulse rate, distance covered, calories burned and time.
  • The dimensions of the oak wood footprint is 93 by 23.5 by 60 inches.
  • The product contains prop 65 warning which can cause reproductive harm, birth defects andcancer.
  • The weight of the NordicTrack Classic Pro skier is 250 pounds.
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty that covers all defected parts and components.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, the Classic Pro Skier by NordicTrack is a very high quality piece of equipment which along with affordability consist of extensive features and benefits. When I purchased this equipment for my father who have become fat and very lazy. I want to make him perform cardiovascular activity to make his health better. The first impression of the equipment was very bad because there weresome defected bolts and nuts present in the package. I contacted NordicTrack about this concern and within two days they replaced those components. The assembly of this skier was very skier which I completed it within one hour. The equipment looked very sturdy with that steel frame and oak wood gave a good touch. The LED feedback display was showing a proper track on pulse rate, distance covered, time and calories burned. The resistance was very easy to adjust with that pin locking system. Overall, this equipment by NordicTrack is very economical and recommended fully for older citizens.

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