NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Treadmill Review


This is a strong elliptical machine with a substantial 20 pound flywheel that gives a reliable, smooth and calm elliptical movement. The 20 inch stride will oblige most users and resistance and incline choices give all that could possibly be needed to power anybody. The 22 levels of magnetic resistance and 20 degrees of incline can be changedby pressing a button. This enables you to locate the ideal workout without pausing your exercise. The C 7.5 Elliptical additionally gives large pedals for a comfortable exercise. C 7.5 also has other convenient functionalities like an InterMix acoustic sound system, a water bottle holder and transport wheels to make the machine movable and easier to store. The highlights of the console are a 5-inch backlit screen with an exceptional wide angle view, a rack for your gadgets, and an Autobreeze cooling fan that alters its speed in accordance with the workout intensity of the user. When it comes to programs, the C 7.5 has 26 pre-installed exercise applications that range from interval workout programs to fat burning programs; and if the user needs to track their heart rate they can do so with the help of the screen that displays your heart rate. More precise tracking can be done with the 2EKG beat grasp sensors in the grips that send readouts straight to the console. This console also supports Bluetooth connectivity so user can work with their iFit program through their gadgets. This is only available to users with an iFit subscription. With all these features, NordicTrack spared to expense to make this an impressive workout equipment.

Workout Program

Users can browse through the programs and exercises that are available with the iFit membership. For boundless exercise assortment the C 7.5 elliptical is iFit-enabled. Utilizing iFit users will have to place their tablet/phones over the 5″ screen to see high quality video exercises, utilize intuitive Google Maps exercises and download countless expert workout programs. iFit tracks the users’ progress and provides them with other benefits accordingly. The NordicTrack C 7.5 is preloaded with 26 exercises, 13 for calorie burning, and 13 for performance related training, all outlined by an affirmed fitness coach. Each program takes over the elliptical machine’s resistance and incline individually and shows the user’s progress on the 5 inch backlit screen.


The C 7.5 is an evidently heavy elliptical machine. Because of this, it’s entirely clear that it highlights a strong frame, made of dense, steel tubing. Despite the fact that it’s a heavy piece of equipment, it shouldn’t be hard to move, as the front stabilizer bar carries two caster wheels, while the back bar provides a lifting handle. Therefore, tilting the machine on its wheels becomes really simple. Moreover, the C 7.5’s base has customizable feet, offering the likelihood to accomplish the highest amount of stability on pretty much any kind of surface.
This specific model has a small footprint in terms of its length. It takes up 68 inches in length and 26 inches in width worth of floor space, and can easily fit in any room.However,it has a non-foldable.


This model from NordicTrack provides a smooth and silent belt drive framework, with a vigorous v-belt. The machine utilizes a med-level, 20 pounds (9 kg) flywheel, with most of its weight in its borders, offering a reliable, smooth and stable pedaling experience. The user can backward pedal elliptical machine as well. This way user will have access to exerciseconcentrating on a variety of muscles. The console will keep on tracking user’s progress with the calories burned, Revolutions per minute, etc.Regardlessif user pedalin reverse or forward motion. The pedals are not equipped with a suspension system. The beds include a layer of thick padding, which not just lessens the effect on your feet, but offers exceptional support. The pedals have a slight outward tilt, of 2 degrees, to adjust better to your stride movements, and to let the user’s feet be in maximum contact with the pedals. Due to all these feature the users get to have a legitimate exercising experience.


An extraordinary feature compared to other featureson this NordicTrack elliptical trainer, is its mechanized incline framework. The slope engine is set inside the front confined area of the machine, attaching it to the gliding rail, which also acts like an incline ramp. As you change the slope level, the rail will rise up at the front, expanding the power induced by your exercise.


This NordicTrack C 7.5 elliptical trainer peaks at 20 inch stride. The user’s stride will reduce if they escalate the incline level.


This elliptical fitness machine has an eddy current resistance mechanism that includes a magnetic flywheel and a servo motor. If users want the total advantage of all the 22 resistance levels they need to make sure that the machine is linked with a 120 volt power circuit. A power cord with a U.S. standard attachment accompanies the trainer. By changing the resistance from the controls, the motor will set the magnets’ force, supplying drag onto the flywheel, and increasing the tension for users while working out. Similar to many magnetic resistance frameworks, the resistance producing components do not come in contact. Therefore, acceleration remains smooth, while the depletion of the resistance components is essential close to none.


The console provided with theC 7.5 trainer is a like a universal unit. And perhaps the most standout feature of it is that its iFit enabled. Which implies that now the console has a built-in iFit module that is able to connect with the user’s cell phone or tablet PC through Bluetooth.  It includes a 5 inch backlit with blue LED screen. It is able to track the most vital processes that the users would want to know during their exercise routine, for example, time, speed, distance, calories, Revolutions Per Minute and heartrate. It includes a trail program which will quantify your distance in laps of quarter miles (400 m), incredible to have if theuser needs to prepare on an expert level. Moreover, it also shows the on-going resistance level and incline.


A printed version of the proprietor’s manual is additionally provided with the case, which will take you through the assembling process. Generally, assembling isn’t troublesome. You’ll need to fix the frame on the bases, then place the console support, the legs and arms of the machine and lastly the console itself. It should take no longer than 60 minutes.


Maintenance concentrates mostly on the rails of the machine which have to be cleaned before any form of exercise with the machine is initiated. These measure will ensure the safety of the rollers and the rails and extend their life. And in case the joints on the machine begin to creak, a small amount of lubrication will take care of it right away.


When discussing efficiency related to exercising with this machine it’s brought to the user’s attention that, although it has grip sensors to track heartrate, a chest strap make the workout better by giving users a hands-free experience but it isn’t included with the elliptical trainer and has to be purchased separately. Taller users might not be as comfortable when using this machine due to the fixed stride length. Also the machine isn’t foldable which means it’ll take some space in the room regardless if the user is working out or not.

Final Pitch

Considering the price bracket the C 7.5 elliptical lies in, it’s not a bad choice for customers. It has tons to modish features which offer an amazing combination of performance and control that provide the user’s with a healthy workout.

Incline:0-20 Degrees
Stride Length:20" power-Adjustable
Flywheel:20 LBS
Programs:26 Workout Apps
Wight Capacity:32.5 LBS
Dimensions;67.1" L x 25" W x 69.1" H

NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Treadmill Review


Build quality











            • Sturdy frame
            • Small footprint
            • Caster wheels
            • Grip pulse sensors
            • Quite drive


            • Chest strap to be bought separately
            • Fixed stride length
            • Frame not foldable
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