NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review

About NordicTrack Commercial 2450

The Commercial 2450 is the top treadmill by NordicTrack. The machine is powered by a strong 4.0 Continuous Horsepower motor which pushes the treadmill to reach a 12 Mph (19 km/h) top speed. It has maximum incline line of 15%, and the ramp can also decline till-3%. The incline and speeds can be altered with one touch controls. The Commercial 2450 has futuristicfacilities that appeal to a lot of customers. It has a set of two 3 inch speakers and is iPod compatible so users can listen to music. Commercial 2450 has 2 cooling fans installed to keep the user comfortable while working out. The user can jump between different speeds and incline levels without interrupting the flow of the workout. The appearance skyrockets with the 10 inch iFit compatible touch screen has internet access also. Witha full 60 inches long and 22 inches wide track, the treadmill welcomesall sorts of users. The deck has a cushioning system called RunnersFlex to give users a pleasant experience. The cushioning can be switched on and off.

Commercial 2450 has an iFit application that gives access to unlimited online workouts and40 pre-installed workout programs for users who’d prefer to stay offline or who don’t have an iFit subscription.

Quick Review

NordicTrack commercial 2450 has a lot to brag about to the users and is considered to be an evergreen exercise machinepresent in the market. With the Commercial 2450 users easily can have a very skilled training sessionor a jovialexercise every day. This treadmill brings a very comfortable experience to the user’s doorsteps. With this treadmill users can work on improving theirspeed and tolerance with the astonishing top speed and incline range it offers. The incline and speedcombinedbrings customers the opportunity to improve themselves physically.

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is effortless to work. It has one touch operations so users will berelieved from all sorts of complexities associated with the workout. It has cutting edge resources installed that makes work outsproductive. The treadmill has very durable key components like the track, frame and the motor. Durability is an essential feature when customers look for exercising equipment.
Users aren’t pestered with troublesome operations. Everything is very responsive in the machine with an extensive workout library by iFit app and pre-installed programs that have proven to be sufficient. TheCommercial 2450 gladly gives the usersinfluence over their environment, youcan adjust it according to yourpreference making it easier for you to stay motivated throughout.

Workout Variety

The Commercial 2450 allows users to jump to different speeds and incline levels during the workout giving them the convenience of choosing a workout from 4 major categories. Commercial 2450 has 12 speed changing and incline changingbuttons. The buttons are lined up on either side of the screen and let users have the best speed and incline combination. Users can decide to go on walksfor a long span of time. Both walking and jogging gives gradual results during training. The users can even decide to run by turning up thespeed level without bringing the workout to a halt because the 4.0 CHP motor is capable enoughto toleratethe prolonged running of the user. The treadmill can also ramp and incline the ramp during workouts. Users have the option of incline workouts that claim to have a five times faster calorie burning rate.

Commercial 2450 has 40 different pre-installed workout programs that fall underobjectiveumbrella workout terms like, heartrate control, calorie burning, speed, incline and high intensity. These workoutsfacilitates customers to a good extentdue to the 40 built-in program range made for rookies as well as experts. If users want more workout content then they can subscribe to the iFit service. The treadmill is also iFit enabled giving user access to workouts on the console screen so they can exercise even if they don’t have a separate computer to connect with iFit. All workouts present on the iFit applications are forged by top level professionals. Moreover, users can also design a custom plan and peruse it instead of choosing an already available workout plan. WithiFit’s Google Maps program users travel the world from their living room. The programs let users see where they are with the help of the 10-inch screen. iFit subscribers can race against other iFit users online and keep track of their progress.


The Commercial 2450 has ahigh-end 4.0 Continuous Horsepower DurX commercial plus motor.With its impressive drive, users can run for long periods of time without breaking off their flow of exercising. Itcan support all forms of intensetrainings by the users. The motor also has a lifetime warrantyCommercial 2450has atop speed of 12 mph (19 km/h)making it ideal for runners. The treadmill canincline the ramp by 15% anddecline it by -3%. This feature gives an opportunity to try out workouts that incorporate the incline and decline range because these workouts provide faster results. Adjusting the speed and incline levelsbecame easy due to the one touch action buttons positioned on either sides of the touchscreen. A workout program will take it upon itself toalter the speed and ramp inclination, giving a more hands-free experience to the user.

Commercial 2450 has a 60 inch long and 22 inch wide track. The vast deck gives a very comfortable feeling while working out.The 2.5 inch precision machined non-flex roller further promotes the hushed experience for the user. The treadmill is equipped witha non-stretchable two ply commercial belt that anchors the user’s grip while running. This keepsdepletion of the machineto a minimum level and expands the durability of the track. RunnersFlex cushioning on the track weakens the impactinflicted on the joints, making it a healthier experience than running outdoors. The cushioning can be turned on and off if the user wants a rigid work out space, mimicking a street like experience,instead of an artificially soft one.

The treadmill can be folded up. TheSpaceSaver designenables it to fold up in a telescopic position to make it easier to store in the house.EasyLift technologybrings a hydraulic function that does the folding and reopening work for the user.  The treadmill has a footprint of 72.5-inchlength, 34-inch width and61-inch height.Th e machine has a 10 inch high definition touchscreen serving as the centerpiece of the dashboard. It is web-enabled and lets you surf the internet whenever you want to watch videos, read the news, visit social media, etc.

There are 2 ways forheartrate monitoring. First, users can use the grip sensors in the handlebar.Second, users can use the wireless chest strap that comes with the treadmill. It helps users to stay in the ideal heartrate zone and track it effectively. Theadjustabletablet holder allows users to keep a tablet computer in front of them and adjust it to a suitable angle.

Users can use the tablet for a more enjoyable experience while working out or even visit the outsider workout applications and follow them. Two 3 inch speakers with iPod/MP3 commutability lets users cover the room with their music, making the atmosphere friendlier for themselves. Two AutoBreeze cooling fans, one with the console the other near the access tray, automatically adjust their according to the workout intensity. An access trayis also present where you can keep your personal items while working out, like keys and wallets, while you exercise.  The frame is very strong and can support up to 300 pounds of weight


The assembly process ofCommercial 2450 is burdensome. You cannot put the entire thing together yourself and might even need to hire people to put it together for you. Itfolds up but still has a very large footprint hence making it a heavy machine that’s difficult to move. Also NordicTrack’s poor customer service might make it a long process before you get your hands on repairs that require replacements in the machine.

Final Pitch 

Commercial 2450 is definitely a good exercising equipment. It has attractive features like the workout programs and the touch screen as well as exceptional physical features like the long frame, durable tread belt, etc. It is an excellent option for customers looking for an easy access to futuristic functionalities.

Quick Review 
Motor:4.0 HP
Incline: -3 to 15%
Running Area: 22" x 60"
Folding: Yes
Top Speed: 12 PMH
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Dimensions: 72.25" L x 34" W x 61" H
Built-In Programs: 40

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review






      Ease of use


        Tread belt





            • Large running area
            • 12 mph top speed
            • Incline and decline functions
            • 10 inch color touch screen
            • Lifetime warranty on frame motor and deck


            • Too heavy
            • replacement repairs might take time
            • Large footprint
            • Time consuming assembly
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