NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill Review

About NordicTrack Commercial 2950

NordicTracks’s top-tier commercial treadmill, Commercial 2950, brings users a powerhouse of working out. The commercial 2950 has a 4.25 continuous horsepower motor that pushes the machine to the peak at 12 mph top speed. The treadmill has an inclinable deck that can go up to 15% and decline down to -3%. These controls are within arm’s reach and can be manually and automatically adjusted with the user’s preference. Commercial 2950 also allows height adjustment of the console. The extra

wide, 22 inches wide and 60 inches long, track is equipped with a WhisperQuite design and FlexSelect cushioning that keep the user as comfortable as possible. The console is made more convenient with iFit coach plus enabled features that has an infinite amount of workouts and other resources, 40 built-in workout plans for users without an iFit subscription, a 22 inch touchscreen with internet access, a tablet holder and access tray for user’s ease, 3 cooling fans, and a music port for the users to listen to their choice of music while working out. It also gives users a wireless heartrate monitoring chest strap that makes heartrate monitoring efficient and a good warranty deal of the frame and motor with the purchase.

Quick Review

NordicTrack Commercial 2950 shows its new and improved features to all the customers present. Commercial 2950 lets users train easily with its plentiful features. Due to the variety of settings available to the users, they can decide between a casual lighthearted sessions or a power packed workout. This treadmill with its whisper quite design and flex select cushioning brings a very pleasant experience with itself. With thecommercial 2950 the user canimprove and push their bodies potential to transcending limits due to the amazing incline and speed confinements. A propercombination gives customers the chance to improve their bodily functions.

NordicTrack Commercial 2950 gives a seamless workout. The treadmill is designed to have easily accessible operations with one touch controlsso the complicated depiction of working out can be demystified. For fruitful workout the Commercial 2950 has gratifying resources at its forefront. This treadmill has made maintenance easier for users by installing extremely durable items like, motor, frame, tread belt. Durability is very importantfor thoseusers who train seriously. There aren’t any annoying operating functions. The machine is highly receptive of the user’s commands. The treadmill gives users an abundant menu overflowing with workoutswith the iFit subscription.Besides the online workouts the treadmill has 40 pre-installed offline workout plans for the users. Controlling and maintain the motivational atmosphere of the room becomes easier with this treadmill.

Workout Variety

NordicTrack’s 2950 comes with a one year subscription to the iFit coach plus. This gives users a daily dose of an array of workouts. The iFit coach plus acts like the user’s workout buddy that is available to them 24/7. If the user isn’t satisfied with the workout plans that are being offered by the iFitapplication, then they also have the autonomy to make customized workout plans for themselves that they think will suit them best to get faster and better results. The iFit application also has a Google Maps program that lets you choose a place anywhere around the world to run and users can simultaneously look at the street and scenery while running from their consoles to have a realistic experience of sorts.

Besides the iFit enabled console, users also get access to 40 different built-in workout programs that don’t need an online connection. These workout plans are created by high-level training experts who give you four major workout categories to choose from when deciding to workout. The categories include: calorie burn, speed training, interval training and heart rate control. All four of these categories accommodate every user at a beginner level to a professional level. The 4.25 CHP motor makes the workouts more reliable as it is able to supply a 12 mph top speed and the deck gives you the ability to incline and decline from 15% to -3%. The treadmill has a zero tolerance policy towards interrupting the workout and hence lets users switch speeds and incline levels during the workout without asking them to bring the exercise to a halt


The treadmill has a jaw dropping commercial grade 4.25 Continuous Horsepower DurX motor. The powerful drive of this motor lets users go on sprints, long runs and interval training without reluctance. The motor’s ability to support every form of intense training should become the highlight of this product for customers. The operation is silent, eliminating extra distractions from the workout. The users can take advantage of the 12 mph top speed, 15% incline and -3% decline. It allows exercises that require sprinting and running. Using the iFit and pre-installed programs the machine takes control of these adjustments. The speed and inline level are changed automatically letting the user concentrate on his/her workout.

The Track is 22 inches wide and 60 inches long. This generous workout area occupies users of all shapes and sizes. Running is made easierwith the 2 inch wider deck. The Tread Belt is stretch resistant with a Double ply design. It has RunnersFlex cushioning that reduces the strain put on the user’s joints significantly and can be switched off if wanted. Without the cushioning switched on the user gets a more firm surface to run on.

This treadmill also has SpaceSaver technology. This lets the deck of this big machinery fold up in a vertical, telescopic, position so customers can save room after their workout. With EasyLift Assist lifting the deck becomes an easier process because the hydraulic functions to half of the work for the user. User can monitor their heartrate using the heartrate monitoring facility. The facility gives 2 options for tracking heartrate. First the embedded handlebar grip that requires user to squeeze the sensors to get a reading on the screen or the user can use the wireless chest strap, included when treadmill is purchased, that connects to the console via Bluetooth and makes the tracking more efficient due to the continuity.

There is an HD 22-inch touchscreen acting like the control center and has an android browser that lets user to use the internet. The colorful display shows the user’s progress with calories and distance. Also shows the speed and the user’s heartrate. Alongside, there is an adjustable tablet holder where the user can place their personal tablet computer.

The Music port with dual 3 inch speakers. It has an auxiliary access so users can play their music while working out to keep themselves motivated. To keep the user’s body temperature from rising too much the treadmill provides 3 AutoBreeze Cooling Fans. The fans automatically change their speed with the intensity of user’s workout. The access tray lets users keep their belongings and personal item in it.


The machine is heavy and has a lot of components making the assembling process tiresome and time consuming. Users will need extra help from either friends or by hiring people to do it. Despite the SpaceSaver technology it still has a large footprint (72.25 inch long, 34 inches wide and 61 inches high) that will require a big space when using the treadmill. If users aren’t able to buy the iFit subscription then they will be limited to the 40 built-in programs only.

Final Pitch

Commercial 2950 is a reliable and durable piece of exercising equipment. It has fancy features like the 22 inch touchscreen, iFit coach plus, extra wide deck, powerful motor and a comfortable track. Customers who prefer a tranquil environment for their workouts can benefit from the WhisperQuite design on this machine that doesn’t allow the motor and the track to create ruckus and NordicTrack offers a good warranty on the machine’s components.

Quick Review 
Motor: 4.25 HP
Incline: -3 to 15%
Running Area: 22" x 60"
Folding: Yes
Top Speed: 12 MPH
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Dimensions: 72.25" L x 34" W x 61" H
Built-In Programs: 40

NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill Review






      Ease of use


        Tread belt





            • 22 inch touchscreen
            • 4.25 Horsepower motor
            • Incline and decline functionality
            • Large belt surface area
            • 40 pre-installed programs


            • Long process for repairs
            • iFit coach plus costs extra
            • Assembly is time consuming
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