NordicTrack E 7.0 Z is a mid-run Elliptical Treadmill Review


The NordicTrack E 7.0 Z is a mid-run elliptical trainer, with mechanized current resistance, and an incline range. Its console has 20 installed programs, goal oriented settings and is iFit enabled. In spite of the fact that it does not fall under the commercialcategory, its development is truly near the commercial models present in the market. It’s an ideal trainer for allusers, giving the option to experience light to extreme cardio exercises, interval exercises, strength building and stamina. Users can burn 700 calories in an hour with


In spite of the fact that this NordicTrack elliptical trainer is categorized as a commercial trainer, its framing features are like commercial models. It includes an overwhelming steel outline that weighs. 200 lbs (90.7 kg). This weight adds a great deal of solidness to the machine. Over that, its back and front bases have stabilizers made of rubber.A foldable frame is not included in this trainer. However, with the use of the front tires the treadmill can be moved around easily. There is a handle placed at the end of the machine. Users can use the handle so raise the trainer and move it by shifting all the weight to the front wheels.

This elliptical trainers model is fairly large and takes up to 66″L x 25″W (168 x 64 cm) room area. If ample room isn’t available then this machinemight not serve as the perfecttrainer for users. It has sizable pedals with a very supportiveplatform. The pedals are 7.75 inches wide meaning they will be able to handle different sized feet. The pedals are somewhat angled in a downward position, so as to give a good grip. The bars on which the pedals are joined are amazingly strong. They can bolster users up to 300 lbs. (136 kg). They’re furnished with robust rollers, which incorporate high-level steel bearings.

The anchored handlebars have heartbeat sensors, these can be utilized for tracking your heart rate. E 7.0 Z arrives assembled at the user’s doorstep. All the user needs to do is just join the bases, the pedals, the arms, handlebars, and console. It’s suggested to intermittently assess the unit for loose nuts and parts. The rails of the machine ought to be reviewed and cleaned before startingthe trainer as anything can injure the user or damage the pedals.


The stride can be adjusted but not length in terms of length. Length wise the stride is 20 inches long (51 cm). It will give a comfortable movement area and provide some force to your exercise. In terms of incline, where the incline is adjusted the stride adjust its angle and form hence lettingusers concentrate on different muscles to tone them.


This n 7.0 Z elliptical components offer a manual incline framework. The rail is joined to the front piece of the frame and can secure onto it 5 different positions, offering slope settings of 0°, 5°, 10°, 15° and 20°. To change the slope users need to simply push the catch at the front of the rail, pull the rail up and discharge the catch to secure it in any position they’d like. Obviously, since the incline framework requires manual change, users can’t alter slant from the console while they workout. Keeping in mind the end goal to modify the slope setting, users need to delay theirexercise, get off the pedals, adjust slope, and later continue exercising.


Thistrainer can provide a maximum elevation of 22 inches (56 cm). So to avoid any roofing issuesusers need to ensure the roof stature in the room where the trainer will be utilized needs to be no less than 25-26 inches in height compared to the user’s height.


The NordicTrack E 7.0 Z is a motorized magnetic elliptical machine. Its resistance framework comprises of magnetic flywheel and a servo motor which can be leveled from the control panel only. When a particular level of resistance is set, the servo motor will change the magnets’ draw, making more drag. Additionally, if the users choose to select one of the built in programs, or exercise by means of the iFit application, the E 7.0 Z will change resistance naturally,and since the resistance is mechanized process, it is going to beassociated with a power circuit. An adapter with the specs of 100-240V, 50-60 Hz at 5A, with a yield of 9V/200 mA accompanies the trainer when it is purchased.


The E 7.0 Z has a belt drive framework, incorporating a sturdy belt. Because of this, the trainer’s gears do not require constant maintenance. Moreover, the noise made by it is almost absent. The flywheel has a large portion of its load put in its border. Thus, makingthe movements become smooth and unfaltering, with a reliable vibe. User can also pedal in a reverse motion, and while paddling backwards, the console will keep on tracking your exercise progress. Because of the Q-Factor’s restriction, the usergetsan agreeable positioning for their feet, with no stress induced on their joints.


This Elliptical trainer is outfitted with a mid-grade console. It includes a multi-board LCD show, with blue LED backlit illumination, making its intelligibility magnificent. The console screen can demonstrate a few exercise processes at the same time, including, speed, distance, RPM, number of strides, time elapsed, calories burned, heartrate and, obviously, the chosen level of resistance. Distance and speed can be tracked in miles/mph and kilometers/kmh. Additionally, with the MyTrail feature which that has a  1/4 miles (400 m) race track, records the number of the laps you have finished. The console operation is simple and direct. Resistance can be balanced steadily from the keys in the console, yet keys for brisk change are accessible also, which have 6 different levels of settings. Every type of program has its ownseparatekey on the dashboard. The best about this model is that it has a many keys for to control the iFit interface. Lastly, a Pause/End key is accessible, using this the users can interchange elliptical sessions with different exercises, or basically put your exercise on hold to take a break.


The E 7.0 Z has 20 pre-installed programs, which consequently change resistance, contingent upon the present part of the training. These projects are distributed into two classifications, 10 intended for calorie burning, and 10 based on performance. Additionally, you would be able to create objectives for calories, time and distance. Alongside these well-arranged capacities, the console is iFit compatible. This implies you can associate an iFit module to it, to match up it with your portable PC or tablet, to exchange your exercise information to your iFit account in real time. iFit also has different capacities, it gives you the chance to challenge others, or exercise by utilizing a virtual trail by means of theGoogle Maps program.However,an iFit module is not provided with the machine.


With regards to heart rate, as told before, the console can just track it only if users clutch the sensors in the settled handlebars. The option to track it using a wireless chest strap is not included.


A tray which can suit any tablet, cell phone or any other piece of the user’s belonging. A tablet holder that joins to the head of the unit is included too.


A USB charging port is accessible on the left of the unit, so you can dock your gadget to charge while you’re working out.


A sound system that connects to most of the gadgets and MP3 players is accessible by the users. This sound system, despite the fact that it won’t not give the high quality experience of a proper sound system, can serve the users better compared to any tablet or cellphone speakers.


This Elliptical Trainer doesn’t come with an installed cooling fan. This may not be a big deal to many users,yet it’s certainly a pleasant addition to your workout equipment. Another pleasant component would be the capacity to utilize a without hands chest strap heart screen, which is additionally not given. It can also take up a lot of space in the house because it doesn’t have a folding frame.


E 7.0 Z Elliptical Trainer is not going to lead to a disappointing purchase for the users. Users are getting huge amounts of exercise alternatives and incredible elements in solace, resistance and power.

Stride Length18+20"
Capacity300 lb
Incline0 to 20 degree of adjustable,manual incline levels.
HR MonitorContact

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The NordicTrack E 7.0 Z is a mid-run Elliptical Treadmill Review


Build quality











            • Sturdy frame
            • Transport wheels
            • Large pedals
            • Narrow Q-Factor to eliminate extra stress on the knees
            • handlebars with pulse sensors


            • Console cannot read pulse using chest strap
            • iFit module not included
            • No folding frame
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