NordicTrack EXCEL Skier / Ski Machine Review

Around twenty years ago, NordicTrack invented their new skiers which attractedattention of many fitness lovers who like to perform workout at home. This product was advertised on television very muchwhich created a new generation of fitness equipment. The major reason behind its popularity is due to the fact it gave a smooth and comfortable feel and burnt maximum amount of calories during total body workout. The design and looks of the skier was also very appealing. With a perfect amount of backward force on that Gliding timber, the flywheel cables provided the natural feel of skiing. As time passed on, NordicTrack continued to expand its skier models into dozens of quantity Just with that, they started getting known as producing the best comfortable and low impact fitness machines. Thus, releasing a new line of Elliptical having a built in NordicTrack touch system.  After some time, NordicTrack also released variation in treadmills along with exercise cycles respectively.

One of NordicTrack skiers which come with affordable price and high quality construction is known as NordicTrack 505 Excel Ski Machine. This is a genuine piece of equipment by NordicTrack and consist of Oak and chrome construction. The solid frame is very sturdy and is constructed with Oak, while the upright holding tube is made of chrome. There are wheels placed below the frame to provide mobility and make the transportation easy. The skier is very portable and can easily fold down while taking less than two square feet of your work space. This skier is considered best for performing upper and lower body workout.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The Nordic Track 505 excel ski machine is a low impact cardio workout machine to tone up your muscles while giving major focus on arms and legs. The NordicTrack 505 Excel ski machine is a refurbished equipment that gives same benefits and features like a genuine NordicTrack equipment. The equipment comes in excellent condition which is constructed using oak and chrome material. The material used for construction of sturdy frames is oak. Oak is widely used material for framing due to the fact it gives an eye warming look along with durable construction. The upright tubes which are connected with the frame are made of solid chrome. Chrome is considered one of the best materials to prevent rust and corrosion. This material doesn’t require any immense maintenance, thus giving a fresh and new look for longer period of time. This skier consists of analogue dial gauge which lets you easily adjust the arm and leg resistance. There are around 6 resistance embedded that consist of different level of resistance, so that you can make your workout experience more challenging. The rollers and pulley are very smooth that doesn’t produce any discomforting noise while working out. The mechanism of pulley is constructed with great engineering, which comes with high quality pulleys and pull cords.

This skier is usually constructed for people who face severe joint pain, also can’t work on elliptical machine due to their irresistible weight and size. For people who are mostly bulky and old, this skier is introduce to let them live a healthy life by performing light intensity workout. The padding done on the skier is on good condition and contains no wear and tear. With sturdy oak and steel construction, the NordicTrack 505 Excel Ski machine consists of wheels that are placed below the base of the frame. These wheels make the skier portable and let you easily move around from one place to another. You can even fold it and place this equipment under your bed when you are done working out. The NordicTrack 505 Excel Ski machine comes with great customer service. As NordicTrack is recognized for its overwhelming customer services and ensures that you are getting a fair equipment in extensive quality and given time. In any case, if you are not pleased with the equipment you can refund it within 30 days. The product comes with free shipping and the packaging which is done to cover the equipment is very solid and sturdy. The package arrives on your doorstep within three days and the quality is very overwhelming with no defected and mismatched equipment found.

Specification and Features

  • The wheel placed below the base makes the skier very portable and easy to move around.
  • Consist of six adjustable resistance levels.
  • The resistance is very independent and can be controlled for upper and lower body workouts.
  • The LED feedback window gives a proper track on pulse rate, distance covered, calories burned and time.
  • The dimensions of the oak wood frame are 90x 23 by 50 inches.
  • The upright tubes are constructed with chrome.
  • The weight of the NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier is 225 pounds.
  • Comes with a one-yearmanufacturingwarranty.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, theNordicTrack EXCEL Skier / Ski Machine is a very high quality equipment which along with affordability consist of extensive features and benefits. I purchased this equipment for my grandfather who became fat and very lazy dueto his age. I want him to perform cardiovascular activity to make his health better. The first impression of the equipment was very bad because there were some defected bolts and nuts present in the package which weren’t properly fitting at the time of assembly. I contacted NordicTrack about this concern and within two days they replaced those components. The equipment looked very sturdy with that oak wood frame. The chrome upright tubes gave a very unique and impressive touch. Though levels for resistance werevery less which should have been increased. Overall, this equipment by NordicTrack is very economical and recommended fully for older citizens.

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