NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical Trainers Review

The NordicTrack SE7i SpaceSaver Elliptical trainer comes in the list of most budget friendly fitness trainers. The price range of this equipment is between previous E models of E 8.9 and E11.9. However, there is a major difference in SE7i from the E series and elliptical trainers, in a way that there is a compatibility of rear drive step system that creates a shallow range of movement with a smaller step length. The SpaceSaver SE7i is a very simple model than any two elliptical machines that consist of moving handlebars in new NordicTrack SpaceSaver series of 2017. The models SE7i and SE9i consist of foldable frames by which caster wheels are attached for easy repositioning. Both models consist of eighteen inches footpaths and eighteen pound flywheels as well. The price of SE7i is less because touch screen is not embedded with the elliptical trainer. It consists of standard five-inch LCD while the SE9i has a seven-inch-high definition touchscreen that has the connectivity of web and iFit technology. You can even connect with the web while using SE7i by using your own smartphone and tablet separately. There is also a difference of heart rate monitoring between the two SpaceSaver elliptical models. The SE9i consist of contact grip and wireless recording while the SE7i contains only contact grips. Other important features and specs of this model is an inclination till eight degree maximum, twenty four built in workout applications, a fan for making you cool while working out, a holder to place water bottle and with a warranty of two years that covers manufacturing parts and components.

Table of Content:

  • Product Description
  • Specification and Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict and Review

Product Description

The Space Series by NordicTrack consist of convenient and portable elliptical machines which consist of rear drive design, which is nearer for cardiovascular activities like of front driven trainers. The SE7i is a simple model but consist of great features and capabilities, hence making it a good option to consider. The new redesign version of this series also consist of some advanced and new features. In latest version of SpaceSaver SE7i there is a latest version embedded of the very popular technology known as iFit. This technology can be access through Bluetooth while using any smart phone or tablet. It provides an access of some special workout programs, diet plans, exercise recommendation and Google map which gives you a feel of training at any place in the world. Though there is a membership for this technology which has to be renewed every month but its great value of money and good fitness tool.

In iFit technology you can access through iFit Coach that consist of twenty four training method programs to select from, along with twelve calorie bases and twelve performance based workout programs. Thus giving you a wide range of options to select from that will help you to achieve your fitness goal as quickly as possible. On previous model of SE7i there was a power incline of only seven degree, while in new version there is an inclination of eight degree of power incline supported. This inclination focuses a lot on your leg while providing a good way to move up through that inclined ramp. To make your motion more challenging, twenty levels of resistance are included to make you push harder. Coming from the name, the SE7i saves a lot of your work space and is designed in such a way to give you utmost convenience. The machine can easily fold up after you are done with your workout while unfolding it back when you want to train again. The machines doesn’t produces any uneven noise and is very smooth, the rear drive procedure gives a more straight posture than it is found on a front drive.

The SE7i elliptical trainer consist of wide range of entertainment features that makes your workout experience even more enjoyable and fun. Whereas, the NordicTrack doesn’t contain the same web enabled touch screen as the SE9i model but the machine is embedded with five inch LCD display that displays many features and gives you a proper track of calories burned, distance, resistance level and many more. NordicTrack are renowned of creating fitness equipment that are very portable and are easy to assemble with few understandable assembling steps. This thing is covered through SNAP assembly which is mostly found on ELITE front drive elliptical machines. This assembly let you attach only the base stabilizer and then lifting and locking up the console on a right place. For changing resistance level, you can even do that thing manually through buttons on console but that process takes time. To prevent that one step buttons are embedded for quick and precise transitions onto different resistance levels. This process is very good while performing interval training or if you want to minimize the time spent on the console.

Specification and Features

  • The length of the strides are eighteen inches.
  • The design of SpaceSaver is vertically upright.
  • There are twenty two different resistance levels embedded on the console.
  • The console consist of twenty four different workout programs.
  • Consist of compatibility with iFit technology.
  • The incline is power adjustable which can be done till eight degrees.
  • The flywheel have a weight of eighteen pounds and consist of effective inertia.
  • The upper body grips are very soft.
  • Consist of five inches LED display screen.
  • Bottle holder is embedded along with a fan to keep you cool during high intensity workouts.
  • Inclination can be done by just a touch.
  • Only fifteen minutes are required to assemble the whole system.
  • Rear drive design release stress from the back.
  • The dimension of the equipment is eighty by thirty two by seven seventy one inches.
  • Comes with two year manufacturer warranty.

Final Verdict and Review

In my opinion, the NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i Elliptical Trainer is a very high quality equipment that contains maximum features and benefit that will help you to achieve your desirable fitness goals. When I purchased this package, it came in good packaging with free shipping. The components found on the box looked very fresh without and defect found. After reading the assembly manual I set up this trainer within fifteen minutes and was ready to work out on it. The flywheel was moving very smoothly at first but as you increase the resistance level, it started producing some uneven sound which was discomforting. However in such a low price these small issues can be neglected. The seat and pedal were very comfortable which gave a very good grip. Overall, this elliptical machine by NordicTrack was great value of money that contains extensive features with minor issues.

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