NordicTrack T 6.5S Treadmill Review

NordicTrack is a Minnesota established company that started off by first creating indoor cross-country ski machines. They later went on to expand their designs, during 1980’s, towards treadmills, elliptical machines and other cardio related in-house trainers. Currently, Nordic Track is known to be a top international brand under the ownership of ICON health and fitness. Nordic Track brings its customers traditional treadmills, incline trainer treadmills and treadmill desks, with each series having separate models of its own and various resources such as touchscreens installed with android browsers. Treadmills are a very integral part for those who are enthusiastic about staying in shape, working on their cardio or who prefer to stay indoors, in the safety of their homes, and enjoy working out. It boosts your stamina and makes you more energetic. NordicTrack, with its variety of fashionable treadmill consoles, gives easy access to every one looking forward to an enjoyable workout experience.

NordicTrack T 6.5S Treadmill Review

NordicTrack T 6.5S Treadmill Review

Treadmills serve as an outlet to run, jog and walk while staying on a stationery object. It composes of various components but the ones consistent in these machines are a conveyor belt being driven by an electrical motor. The belt is wired to move in a backwards position, towards the rear of the console while the user adjusts his/her movements to match the speed at which the belt moves. The Sports & Fitness Industry Association said that treadmills are the largest selling fitness product.

Modern day treadmills range from heavy and expensive to affordable and lightweight versions. Treadmills are used by doctor to diagnose patients with lung and heart diseases but these machines are largely available and accessible via gyms, shops, sports clubs, universities and even available in laboratories and police/army training centers. These devices are used by people for either entertainment, athletic or medical purposes.

Lets’ focus on the athletic and entertainment potential that NordicTrack treadmills have to offer. Customers don’t always look for a rough and tough work out session when they think about exercise. Treadmills don’t always provide intense workouts either. However, you can stay healthy and in shape if you decide to make use of one. These machines are now commonly available with an electrical motor, which means that the user doesn’t have to produce complete manual labor. The T 6.5S serves all your athletic and entertainment needs. This treadmill can boost your stamina, your lung capacity, improve your cardio, tone your muscles, help you stay energetic and even help you clear your head and concentrate better.

Recent treadmill manufacturers, like NordicTrack, also tried to make their product as user friendly and welcoming as possible by installing state of the art facilities in them. NordicTrack’s low end treadmills bring you those resources that were only previously available in the high end manufactured products. These resources help amateurs to become aware of the athletic potential in treadmills and encourage them to stay healthy. Much like the NordicTrack T 6.5S which is practically built for beginners.

The NordicTrack T 6.5S is one of NordicTrack’s most inexpensive models available in the market. It carries most up to date resources in a low price bracket. You can now start your workout with a touch of a button every day. The exercise that this treadmill offers is by far the most effective and comfortable form of exercise there is. Thismachine gives you full autonomy over your environment making it easier for you to control it and stay motivated under your own roof. The fact that you have to stay indoors to workout means that you don’t have to be afraid of privacy invasion, bad weather, pollution and safety of your own self.

Treadmills offer you 4 different categories of working out. You can walk, jog, run or hill climb. Walking comes as the most basic form of exercise, it requires the least amount of effort and energy to be put in but it is a good start for beginners. On a treadmill you can start off with low speeds through one touch action. It is a gradual process but is surely an effective one. Doctors recommend walking to those patients who want to tackle obesity or joint pain. It has low impact on your knees and ankles and with shock absorption facility called “FlexSelect Cushioning” in the T 6.5S,it further lowers stress on joints. While jogging is a slight step up from walking, it still offers similar results and has a mutual process but requires a bit more effort and energy to be put in. The T 6.5S is equipped with proper functions to make both of these processes easier and more comfortable for the customer.

Running, however, is a big step up. It is not for everyone to try out, especially those individual who are kick starting a healthy routine. Running requires agility and strength, hence people either hate to run or love to run. There is no in-between. For runners, modern day treadmills have pre-installed or online programs to offer. The T 6.5S has 20 built in workout programs, designed by professional, that anyone can follow to reach their weight, fat and calorie goals. They are target oriented and focus on categories like calorie burn, speed interval training heartrate control, etc. These programs gives the autonomy to a person to decide the perfect workout for themselves, whether it be an intense workout that give you your desired results or a comfortable workout routine you’d like to follow every day.

Hill climb workouts on the other hand can be taken up by both, runners and walkers. Hill climbing on a treadmill is used for a range of reasons. It can be used to mix things up when working out, in order to keep the exercises interesting and steer away from redundancy and boredom, or to sculpt your body’s endurance for long distances like marathons or hiking trips. With treadmills all you have to do is press a button and get started and even make use of different available programs and applications to reach your preferred goals. The T 6.5S gives you the option for incline the ramp up to 10% and has programs that automatically vary speeds and incline rate through the workout process, letting you concentrate on your progress with ease.

People argue that all of this is available and accessible for free, all you have to do is step out of your homes. There is no doubt that you can save a little cash and go out but the truth is it’s not as simple as just steppingout of your home, you have to take several other factors into consideration. Running outside, people may feel more exposed, making those who prefer a degree of privacy hesitant to start working out. Running outdoors can be dangerous, people living in unsafe neighborhoods can’t leave their houses at night in fear of criminal activity and even fear of motor vehicles on the roads which further put them in harm’s way. It also becomes cumbersome to keep count of your calories or even sometimes the distance you’ve covered during your exercise.

The T 6.5S is not a very expensive machinery to buy. With this treadmill you can stay at home and be able to control your environment better, you don’t have to be worried about your safety and privacy. This model has a 5 inch backlit screen display that constantly tracks your calories burned, the total time you’ve been running, the distance you have covered, your speed and the incline rate. Additionally, using the handlebar sensors, you can track your heartrate to stay within safe limits, while working out. None of this would be possible if you chose to workout outside.

However, it may be argued that running on a treadmill will become redundant, boring and may lack the real world experience .Besides the 20 built-in workout programs by NordicTrack, you can have access to an unlimited amount of workout using the iFit subscription. The T 6.5S is iFit enabled, which means you can subscribe to the application have the new workouts, created by high level professionals, everyday on your fingertips. The iFit app automatically tracks your progress and as far as experiencing scenery and real life experience is concerned, the iFit subscription has a Google Maps program where you can mimic life-like tracks via your computer screen and get the almost the same experience you’d get outside by bringing the world in your room. You can also simulate a quarter mile race track in the machine to check your personal stats and set personal records. With iFit you can also stay connected to your working out friends and challenge them online. You can also make bespoke routines that you think will suit you best to reach your targets. These programs and applications will keep you more than interested in your indoor workout routine and kill redundancy and boredom.

The T 6.5Shas a robust 2.6 Continuous Horsepower motor that gives you the ability to use the machine for long distances on different speed and incline levels, in order to help you complete any sort of training routine you are following or made for yourself. The motor comes with a 25 year warranty which means you don’t have to worry about extra expenditure if something goes wrong.  T 6.5S also has a top speed of 10 mph (16 km/h), accompanying the motor, making it a reliable choice for users looking forward to incorporating running in their daily routines. Brisk walking and jogging will become a hassle free process.

With 10 incline level options you can make the workout more challenging for yourself. You can use the machine on zero incline and give it a more smooth street-like touch, or you can adjust the inclination on the machine and to mimic a more complex and difficult terrain. If you subscribe to the iFit application, it will give you workouts where the machine will adjust the incline levels itself and you’ll reach your fitness goals easily.

The 20 inches by 55 inches wide deck is more than spacious for you to run, walk or jog. When operational, it gives you a very natural and comfortable experience without interruptions. Due to the strong motor, FlexSelect cushioning and 1.9 inch precision rollers you get a smooth and comfortable experience. FlexSelect cushioning act like shock absorbers and reduce impact when you are in contact with the machine, while the rollers work to reduce heat and wear and tear on the belt. This commercial quality rollers helps in extending the life of the console.

The machine has a sleek design. It has a steel frame that is built to endure pressure induced by a 300 pound weighing body, making it stronger than other typical treadmills. NordicTrack also gives you a lifetime warranty on the frame so you can put your worries to rest and get moving. Besides the frame there is a 5 inch screen that is bordered with beautiful platinum and black designs, giving it a serious boost in details and over all attractiveness. The screen is lined with clear, easy to read buttons that help you start and stop the machine, change your incline levels (ranging from 1-10) and speed levels (ranging from 1-10) and jump between settings without interruptions. This makes the T 6.5S the product for all ages as it has taken the complexity out of working out. It also has two cup holders for you to keep your essential fluids into like, water, energy drinks, protein shakes, etc.

You can make your environment lighthearted with the MP3 compatible music port and dual 2inch speakers. You can put on your choice of music, whether it be hardcore rock to pump you up for an intense run or soft jazz for a smooth walk. The music combined with the iFit interactive interface will give you an experience that no other treadmills can provide to you indoors.

The T 6.5S has a footprint of 67.5 inch length, 35.75 inch width and 73 inch of height but user don’t have to worry about the machine taking too much room. With SpaceSaver technology, the treadmill is able to fold up the deck vertically, freeing up space and giving you ample room to move around and carry out your daily tasks in the house. T 6.5S is also equipped with easy lift assist, which helps you lift the deck without putting too much work and energy into it, it has a hydraulic function that does all the work for you, so don’t have to put strain on your back and other body parts when lifting and opening the treadmill. It asks you to move only once you’ve started up the machine.

However, just like every other product out there, the NordicTrack T 6.5S does have some drawback attached to it that may not appeal to consumers as much. The machine does not have a silent motor, if you are a person who prefers some peace and quiet then you might have to make a few compromises with this console. It also does not offer you an accessory tray to keep your belongings in like, keys, cell phones, etc. T 6.5S doesn’t have a cooling fan either to regulate your body’s temperature and keep you cool during your workout and for those users who look for a super intense and long running session, this machine might not be the right one for you as it offers a top speed of 10 mph only. It doesn’t have a tablet holder either for you to use your tablet concurrently, making it harder for you to use workout plans that outsider applications have to offer.


Finally, I’d like to say that this is a product made perfect for home, family friendly environments. Using the T 6.5S you don’t have to think of exercise as a chore anymore. This treadmill doesn’t stop you from carrying out your daily tasks. You can read you book, watch you movie or TV show and listen to music simultaneously. It will improve your cardiovascular health by increased oxygen intake and even lower your blood presser. You don’t have to put unnecessary strain on your joints anymore because this machine promotes joint flexibility with its modern day technologies and facilities. It can improve your muscle tone using high speeds and incline features. This machine has made weight loss and fat burning more convenient than ever by keeping you in the comfort of your home. Similarly, this become a must have product for gymnasiums available to the public. With easily maneuvered controls, comfortable experience and state of the facilities, the gyms will be doing a huge favor to whoever decides to use this product. The assembly of this product is not time consuming at all. It has a simple 17 step assembling procedure given in its manual. The company ships it with an Allen wrench but its best if you keep a few other tools handy. With the step by step instruction given to you, it will take an hour to completely assemble the machine alone. You may also get free shipping from various outlets if you purchase this treadmill online.

Motor3 stars
Comfortable4.5 stars
Ease of use5 stars
Tread Belt2.5 stars
Affordability5 Stars
Durability2.5 stars
Robustness3 stars
Warranty3 stars
Power3 stars
Noise level3 stars
Portability4 stars

NordicTrack T 6.5S Treadmill Review


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