NordicTrack T 6 Treadmill Review

About NordicTrack T 6.5S

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill offers the users a range of workout programs to followfor optimal results. The treadmill is filled with facilities that make to working out easy at home and reach your desired goals. The track has FlexSelect Cushioning which reduces the impact on contact. The FlexSelect can be switched off to mimican experience similar to running outside. The treadmill is iFit compatible which gives the user access to an abundant workout library designed by professionals and with the Google maps program you can get a virtual life-like experience. The NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill has an easy to use 5 inch backlit screen display that tracks your speed, distance covered, elapsed time, heartrate and calories burnt, and it also has a digital quarter-mile long track where you can track your progress. The machine has 20 pre-installed workout apps using various speeds and inclines tokeep things interesting for users. The treadmill has an iPod/MP3 compatible port and dual speakers. It also has SpaceSaver technology with EasyLift Assist. This allows you to fold your machine for more floor space in your house. The telescoping EasyLifthydraulic functions make the heavy lifting feel like cake walk.

Quick Review

Customers don’t always look for a rough and tough work out showdown when they think about exercise. Treadmills don’t always giveintense workouts either. Nonetheless, with T 6.5S you can stay fit and in shape if you decide to purchase it. Just because it is an entry level machine does not mean it’s not sufficient. The T 6.5S is an excellent product by Nordictrack, it has all the basic components users look for in a treadmill like, an electrical motor, strong frame, tread belt, cushioning system and good warranty which means that the user doesn’t have to produce complete manual labor. The T 6.5S serves all your exercising and entertainment needs. This treadmill can boost your stamina, your lung capacity, improve your cardio, tone your muscles, help you stay energetic and even help you improve you concentration skills. The T 6.5S has athletic and entertainment most capabilities that will satisfy the customers.

This new age treadmill is a user friendly and welcoming product because NordicTrack has installedpresent day features in them. This low priced treadmill gets the users those resources that were previously available in the higher price bracketed running machines.The NordicTrack T 6.5S helps amateurs to become more knowledgeable of the athletic potential in treadmills and keepthem interested in a healthy lifestyle. The NordicTrack T 6.5S is specially designed for newbies but it is more than capable to carry runners also.

The NordicTrack T 6.5S is one of NordicTrack’s most inexpensive models available in the market. Users can now start their exercise routines very easilyevery day. The T 6.5S treadmill offers a peasanttraining experience. Thismachine gives users control over their environment making it easier for them to fine-tune it and stay motivated under your own roof. The biggest advantage is that you get to stay indoors and working workout meaning that you don’t have to be afraid of invasion of privacy, rainy weather, pollution and safety.

Workout Variety

Treadmills offer you 4 unique options of exercise. Walking, jogging, running or incline training. Walkingdemands the least amount of physical force and stamina hence comes asthe most basic form of exercise. It isa good start for amateurs. Walking starts on a low pace on the machine and with T 6.5S you can manually adjust the speed level. It is a slow process but gets you adequate results. Walkingis suggested by doctors to overweight patients or those who have trouble functioning their knees and ankles. T 6.5S has low impact on your joints with the shock absorptionoperation. “FlexSelect Cushioning” in the T 6.5S further lowers thestrainful impact on knees and ankles. Jogging, however, is a slight step up from walking but it can get you the results, you’ll get from walking, faster. The process, more or less, is similar but requires a bit more effort and energy to be put in by the user. The T 6.5S has legitimateoperations to make all the processes easier and more comfortable for users.

Running is an evidentleap from walking on the treadmill and it’s not for everyone to try out, especially those individual who are just introducing a healthy routine in their life. Running requires agility and strength, hence people either hate to run or love to run. There is no in-between. For runners, the T 6.5S treadmill has pre-installed programs to work offline or the users can go online and use programs that the iFit application has to offer. The T 6.5S has 20 built in workout programs, created by experts, for users to follow to reach their weight, fat and calorie goals. They have settings thatconcentrate on categories like calorie burn, speed interval training heartrate control, etc. These programs gives the liberty to the use to choose the best exercise for themselves, ranging from an intense workout that gives you fast results or a reliable workout plan for more gradual results.These features convince user to come back day after day.

Inclined training workouts on the contrary can be taken of use to both runners and walkers. Hill climbing on a treadmill is used for a range of reasons. It can be used to mix things up when working out, in order to keep the exercises interesting and steer away from redundancy and boredom, or to bulldoze your body’s potential forward for long distance endurance that might help you inmarathons or hiking trips. With T 6.5S treadmilleasy access features all your incline training exercises become hassle free. The T 6.5S gives you the option for incline the ramp up to 10% and has programs that automatically vary speeds and incline rate through the workout process, letting you concentrate on your progress with ease.

Outdoor Running vs Indoor Running

Generally it is argued that all of this is available and accessible for free, all you have to do is step out of your homes. There is no doubt that you can save a little cash and go out but the truth is it’s not as simple as just steppingout of your home, you have to take several other factors into consideration. Running outdoors can be dangerous. The T 6.5S is not a very expensive machinery to buy. With this treadmill you can stay at home and be able to control your environment better, you don’t have to be worried about your safety and privacy. This model has a 5 inch backlit screen display that constantly tracks your calories burned, the total time you’ve been running, the distance you have covered, your speed and the incline rate. Additionally, using the handlebar sensors, you can track your heartrate to stay within safe limits, while working out. None of this would be possible if you chose to workout outside

NordicTrack C-990 Treadmill

NordicTrack C-990 Treadmill

Running indoor mightbecome redundant, boring and can lack the real world experience for some customers. But NordicTrack makes sure that it doesn’t happen.The T 6.5S has 20 pre-installed workout programs by NordicTrack, that are designed by professions. These workouts lets users reach daily targets easily. User can also find their way to an unlimited amount of workout using the iFit subscription. The T 6.5S is iFit compatible. You can subscribe to the application have new workouts, created by high level professionals, everyday on your fingertips. The iFit app is able to track your daily progress. With the Google Maps program in the iFit application user can experience scenery from around the world. It mimics life-like tracks for users to receive adventurous experience. The same experience you’d get outside. T 6.5S brings the world in your room. You can also simulate a quarter mile race track in the machine to check your progress and set records. With iFit you can also stay connected to your working out friends and challenge them online. Users can create custom routines that they think will let them reach their targets efficiently. Although, T 6.5S is only iFit compatible not iFit enabled, which means you have to use an external computer system to use the application.The T 6.5S is more that capable,with its programs and applications, to keep users away from redundancy and boredom, and more than interested in their indoor workout routine.


The T 6.5Shas a robust 2.6 Continuous Horsepower motor that lets users use the machine for long distances on varying speed and incline levels, in order to assist them complete any sort of training routine they are following or made for themselves. The motor comes with a 25 year warranty which means you don’t have to worry about extra expenditure if something goes wrong.  T 6.5S also has a top speed of 10 mph (16 km/h), accompanying the motor, making it a reliable choice for users looking forward to incorporating running in their daily routines. Brisk walking and jogging will become a hassle free process.

With 10 incline level options you can make the workout more challenging for yourself. You can use the machine on zero incline and give it a more smooth street-like touch, or you can adjust the inclination on the machine and to mimic a more complex and difficult terrain. If you subscribe to the iFit application, it will give you workouts where the machine will adjust the incline levels itself and you’ll reach your fitness goals easily. The 20 inches by 55 inches wide deck is more than spacious for you to run, walk or jog. When operational, it gives you a very natural and comfortable experience without interruptions. Due to the strong motor, FlexSelect cushioning and 1.9 inch precision rollers you get a smooth and comfortable experience. FlexSelect cushioning act like shock absorbers and reduce impact when you are in contact with the machine, while the rollers work to reduce heat and wear and tear on the belt. This commercial quality rollers helps in extending the life of the console.

The machine has a sleek design. It has a steel frame that is built to endure pressure induced by a 300 pound weighing body, making it stronger than other typical treadmills which are made up of aluminum frames. T 6.5s also has a lifetime warranty on the frame so you can put your worries to rest and get moving. Besides the frame there is a 5 inch backlit console that is bordered with beautiful platinum and black designs, giving it a serious boost in details and over all attractiveness. The screen is lined with clear, easy to read buttons that help you start and stop the machine, change your incline levels (ranging from 1-10) and speed levels (ranging from 1-10) and jump between settings without interruptions. This makes the T 6.5S the product for all ages as it has taken the complexity out of working out. It also has two cup holders for you to keep your essential fluids into like, water, energy drinks, protein shakes, etc.



The T 6.5S has a footprint of 67.5 inch length, 35.75 inch width and 73 inch of height but user don’t have to worry about the machine taking too much room. With SpaceSaver technology, the treadmill is able to fold up the deck vertically, freeing up space and giving you ample room to move around and carry out your daily tasks in the house. T 6.5S is also equipped with easy lift assist, which helps you lift the deck without putting too much work and energy into it, it has a hydraulic function that does all the work for you, so don’t have to put strain on your back and other body parts when lifting and opening the treadmill. It asks you to move only once you’ve started up the machine. 



Entertainment Access

Users have the advantage of controlling their environment and making it a littlemundane with the MP3 compatible music port and dual 2inch speakers. Users have the choice to put on their music, whether it be rock to get your adrenaline rushing or slow songs for a more tranquil atmosphere. The music combined with the iFit interactive interface will give users an exhilarating experience that other typical treadmills can’toffer.



However, we can’t claim that this is a perfect machine, the NordicTrack T 6.5S does fail to deliver in particular and that may not appeal to some consumers. The motor in the machine is noisy, so if a user prefers a peacefully quietworkoutthen NordicTrack T 6.5S is asking them to make a compromises when purchasing this machine. It also does not offer you an accessory tray to keep your belongings in like, keys, cell phones, etc. T 6.5S doesn’t have a cooling fan either to regulate your body’s temperature and keep you cool during your workout. It can support low end runners but those users who look for a passionate long running session, this machine might not be the best fit for them as it offers a top speed of 10 mph with a 2.5 CHP motor and a not too fancy track. It doesn’t have a tablet holder either for you to use your tablet concurrently, making it harder for you to use workout plans that outsider applications have to offer.

Final Pitch

Finally, It can be confidently said that if users purchase this machine it will be a decent choice for their, offices, homes and other environments. Exercising won’t come as an assignment or a burden anymore with the T 6.5S. The treadmill doesn’t put your day to day work on halt. For an enjoyable experience users can read a novel, catch up on a TV show and even listen to music through the epic sound system.. You don’t have to put unnecessary strain on your joints anymore because this machine promotes joint flexibility with its modern day technologies and facilities. It can improve your muscle tone using high speeds and incline features. This machine has made weight loss and fat burning more convenient than ever by keeping you in the comfort of your home. Treadmill workout will have medical benefits too by positive impacts on your cardiovascular health. Similarly, this become an essential machine for gymnasiums because it has easily maneuvered controls, a stress free experience and up to the minute facilities. The user will be doing a huge favor to themselves whenever they decide to use this machine. The assembly of this product is like a walk in the park. It has basic 17 steps in the assembling procedure manual and can be done by a single person in an hour or less. The company gives the customers a free Allen wrench but it is advised to keep a few other tools around. With the step by step instruction given you to, it will take an hour to completely assemble the machine alone. You may also get free shipping from various outlets if you purchase this treadmill online.

Workout Variety 
Motor2.6 HP
Incline0 - 10%
Running Area20" x 55"
Folding Yes
Top Speed10 MPH
Weight Capacity300 LBS
Dimensions73" L x 35.75" W x 67.5" H
Built-in Programs20

NordicTrack T 6.5S

NordicTrack T 6.5S





      Ease of use


        Tread Belt





            • Strong motor delivering continuous 2.6 Horsepower
            • FlexSelect cushioning on running belt
            • Easy single touch control maneuvers
            • Heart rate monitoring sensors
            • MP3/iPod port with dual speakers


            • Noisy motor
            • No cooling fan
            • No storage space
            • low top speed and incline limit
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