NordicTrack X11i Treadmill Review

About NordicTrack X11i

NordicTrack X11i was promoted as the fastest way to lose weight on the reality TV show the biggest loser. The X11i will let user tone up their muscles and burn calories five times as fast than with usual treadmills. The incline trainer has a top speed of 12 mph. The X11i can reach a 40% incline level and a -6% decline level. It can also be used on a 0% incline like a normal treadmill. An estimate showed that users were able to burn 400 calories in just under 20 minutes at the speed of 2 mph. One of the highlights of this model is the 10 inch touchscreen that gives users web access. It is not a standard treadmill. It has 44 built-in workouts and with the iFit coach user get access to even more workouts. This model also has a 4.25 CHP motor that drives the track. It has a 22 inch wide deck which is also 60 inches long. NordicTrack has been very generous with the warranty by giving the deck, frame and motor a lifetime warranty and 6 years to parts and electronics.

Quick Review

NordicTrack – X11i has exceptional functionalities for its clients. The X11i has 44 pre-installed exercise programs that users can use without internet access. It also has an endless supply of exercises through the iFitapplication. Users who need intensifiedcan alter the incline and decline levelsso they can achieve a successful and effective exercise. The individuals who want to utilize it like a typical treadmill can set the machine on zero slope for a flatworkout surface. The customers will be able to reduce the stress inflicted on their joint with The WhisperQuite and Reflex cushioning innovation. This workout gear is perfect for exerciser to reach their peak physical performance. Withlegitimate combination of settings the users are affirmed to get the best outcomes after their workout.

NordicTrack X11i has ample resources foruser who wanta reliable andeffective exercise. The operations are anything but difficult to control hencegetting rid of theconflicting point of view of exercises. With excellent feature at the forefront that includes ultimate incline/decline levels, high top speed and plenty of workout programs the user’s exercise ends up noticeably beneficial. The functions of X11i are condensed into directness. X11i’s controls are extremely susceptible to the user’s instructions. With theiFit application, usersget an upside of having an unendinglistof exercises. Customers who like to stay offline and concentrate solely on their exercise routine can utilize the 44 built-in workouts that accompanyX11i. Users can easily stay motivated on the grounds that they have the ability to modify the atmosphereto a reasonable level.

Workout Variety

The NordicTrack’s X11i doesn’t take awayusers opportunity to work out but instead spoils them with extensive access to a variety of programs. The users get to use theseprograms by navigating through the console. X11i has 44 built in exercise plansmade by high level workout specialists. The exercises are allotted to 4 major groups: calorie burn, incline training, heartrate control and speed training. Afterpicking an exercise the users can move on to focusing on the workout while the treadmill adjusts the speed and incline levels automatically.

With a 4.25 CHP motor this treadmill is able to underpin the variety of exercises easily without any prominent delays. It delivers a maximum speed of 12 mph. it also lets users switch between different speeds and incline levels while the treadmill is running.  Besides the pre-installed workout plans, iFit coach provides the customers with a handsomely constructed map of exercises. Moreover, the users have the choice to create a customized workout strategy to follow with the help of iFit if already available content isn’t adequate.

iFit also brings users an interactive program by collaborating with Google Maps. Users get to choose a terrain from anywhere in the world. The HD touchscreen turns into a display monitor and takes users through that street they chose to run on. Due to the iFit compatibility the treadmill takes over the speed and incline level and alters it with respect to the track .This gives the users a more realistic experience.


X11i has a silent and a more than capable 4.25 Continuous Horsepower DurX motor. A highlevel motor is a key factor for productive exercises. It can deal with exercises on varying state. Interval and speed trainingbecomes easier with the heavy duty motor. While working out the X11i enablesusers to switch speeds and incline levels. Another highlighted feature of the X11i is the incline and decline range. When users choose to run on an inclined or declined rampthey alsoallow the treadmill to concentrate on specific areas on their bodies and shape them up. Users can reach a top speed of 12mph on this treadmilland by properly combining speed and incline users can make the procedures far more efficient A wide and full length track provides a huge exercising area that gladly accepts users of all shapes and sizes. The dimensions of the track extend to 22 inches in width and 60 inches in length. The deck is also equipped with Reflex cushioning. This feature provides a smoother workout. The cushioning acts like shock absorbers when the user comes in contact with the deck while running. It reduces the impact on joints that comes with running. However, if users desires a comparatively harder space to work out, they can deactivate the feature manually.

X11i has a 2.5 inch non flex roller installed. Rollers of this quality are generally used in more top of the line treadmills. High quality rollers are preferred by customers are they give a fundamental boost to the motor durability and protect the belt from wear and tear. When it comes to Heartrate Monitoring X11i offers the users 2 different options. Firstly, the basic option to grab the handlebar sensors and track their  eartrate. Secondly, a more reliable way of tracking heartrate is the chest strap that is included when the treadmill is purchased. The chest strap connect with your treadmill using Bluetooth.

A 10 inch vivid web-enabled touchscreenlets usersuse the internet amid their exercise. It, additionally, tracks your progress and shows the user’s heartrate, speed, incline level, distance travelled and calories consumed. X11i also has a customizable tablet holderso users can use their tablets during the workout to make the session more enjoyable. Users are also given the option of playing their own music with the auxiliary enabled music port and dual 3 inch digitally amplified speakers.

This enables users to change their conditions to make it enjoyable and encouraging towards their exercises. The X11i is equipped with2 AutoBreeze Cooling Fans that are able to control the user’s body temperature. The fans are automatically change their speed as the session progresses. The treadmill has an access tray. It’s an exceptionally convenientfeature for users.


The treadmill is extremely costly hence limiting its customer base. The x11i is not equipped with SpaceSaver technologyand considering its extensive foot print (70.2 inch long, 39.6 inches wide and 71.6 inches high) it will take up a considerable amount of space in the house. iFit memberships cost extra. Those you don’t have it or can’t afford it will end up losing on a majority of the appealing features of this treadmill and will be able to work out with the 44 built in programs that accompany the treadmillonly. NordicTrack is also known for its poor customer service which might prolong the repairing procedure.

Final Pitch

The x11i is a people pleaser. It can accommodate runners and walker both. Its sole purpose is to deliver faster results. With its high-end features it becomes a great exercising equipment. It supports high speed training easily but if you prefer a slower training process, it provide you with that too. It is overflowing with amazing facilities that will satisfy every user’s athletic and entertainment requirements.

Quick Review 
Motor: 4.25 HP
Incline: -6 to 40%
Running Area: 22" x 60"
Folding: No
Top Speed: 12 MPH
Weight Capacity: 350 LBS
Dimensions: 71.6" L x 39.6" W x 70.2" H
Built-In Programs: 44

NordicTrack X11i Treadmill Review






      Ease of use


        Tread belt





            • 10 inch touchscreen display
            • 4.25 horsepower motor
            • 44 pre-installed programs
            • iFit enabled
            • iPod friendly port and speakers


            • Expensive
            • Poor customer service
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